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Paypal Sports Betting Guide

Placing a sports bet can be a little confusing sometimes with all the possible options, especially if you are new to sports betting. To sort out all the numbers, here is a quick sports betting guide to help you with the basics and get you familiar with the all the spots betting terms. There are three basic odds bet you can make on a game.

What may be the must confusing number is reading the odds, or what is called the betting line. This number is written as either "+" or a "-" in front of it. So you may see something like +150 or -150, and this is related to what you could win in relation to $100 bet. If you see +150 that relates to profiting a $150 on a $100 bet. If it -150 then you need to bet $150 to win $100. Of course you do not have to bet $100, it is just shows the relationship. If you bet $10 on a +150 you would win $15 for example.


San Diego Chargers - (-500)

Buffalo Bills - (+400)

This would mean a $500 bet on the chargers would make you $100 if they win and a $100 bet on the Bills would profit you $450 if they win. Remember if you win you get the original $100 bet plus your winnings. One of the most popular odds for betting is called the spread. Lets use are example above and add a spread

Point Spread Example:

San Diego Chargers -11 - (-500)

Buffalo Bills +11 - (+400)

The Chargers are favored by 11 points. If you bet on the Chargers, you will get the odds of -110 but the Chargers have to win by 11 or more. If they do not then those betting on the Bills win the bet. If the Chargers win by exactly 11 points it is a push and all bets are refunded. The last number you will see is the "Total" number and allows you to place a bet on the total number of points scored. You are either betting it will go over or under this set number so you will hear it called the over/under bet a lot.

Back to our example:

San Diego Chargers -11 - (-500)

Buffalo Bills +11 - (+400)

Total: 45

Here you can see the line maker has decided that 45 will be the total number of points scored and you can now wager that it will be under that number or over it. If the final score is exactly 45 it will again be a push and all bets returned. At times you will see the total with a half point like 45.5, since there is no way to score a half point in sports, this insures that there be an outcome for this wager. Most total bets you have to wager $11 to win $10. , Copyright © 2019, All rights reserved -

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