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BWIN offers six variations of online poker including those that we have provided a brief overview of below. BWIN is one of the few online poker rooms that offer PayPal as a deposit option.
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BWIN Online Poker Variations

Texas Holdem has quickly become the most popular poker game played in poker rooms today. The game is very easy to learn and starts with the dealer dealing each player two cards face down. These are called pocket cards and are only seen by you.

After you see these cards, there is a round of betting. After betting is complete three community cards are dealt on the poker table face up called the flop. These cards are used by everyone. After these cards are dealt, another round of betting unfolds. Those left in the hand get to see one more card dealt face up, called the turn followed by more betting then the final card is dealt face up called the river and the last round of betting ensues.

To determine the winner, you combine the five community cards with the two pocket cards to make the best five card hand you can. The highest hand wins. You can use all, one or none of your pocket cards to make the best five card hand.

During the betting rounds, once it is your turn, you have 4 choices to make:

  • Check - If there are no bets from the players before you, you may check in hope to seeing the next card with no bets taking place.
  • Fold - once folded you concede the hand, no further bets are allowed by you and you give the cards back to the dealer.
  • Call - match the bet that was made by the player(s) that played before you.
  • Raise - In limit poker, these is raising the stakes by a given amount determined by what limit you are playing. No-Limit, any amount to all your money can be raised in one bet.
  • Omaha Holdem

    Omaha Holdem is very similar to Texas holdem. It structure of the two poker games are identical except to start an Omaha Poker game you are dealt 4 pocket cards face down proceeded by a round of betting.

    The dealer will nest place three cards face up on the table. These are community cards that can be used by everyone at the table. After they are dealt another round of betting commences. Those left I the hand will see one more card face up called the turn and after betting the final card, called the river is dealt and the final round of betting begins.

    The winner is determined by the best 5 card hand you can make out of the seven used BUT in Omaha poker unlike Texas Holdem, you have to use both cards from your hand to qualify for a winning hand.

    Omaha Holdem usually is only played in two formats, limit and pot limit. In limit you bet and raise in the increment if what ever limit level you are playing at. In pot limit the maximum you can bet or raise is the amount in the pot when your turn arrives.

    Though very similar to Texas holdem, there are a few different rules that give Omaha a little bit more complexity and strategy. Omaha Holdem can produce some very good action and can be very fun and rewarding to those that play it.

    Omaha Hi/Lo

    Omaha Hi/Lo, sometimes call Omaha 8 or better, is the same game as Omaha with one exception; When the hand goes to showdown, the highest hand and the lowest hand split the pot. This split only occurs when there is a qualifying low hand as explained below. If there is a tie for high hand or low hand the pot is split between all qualified players. For example: If there is one high hand and two qualifying low hands, the high hand winner get's half and the two low hand winners split the other half.

  • Low Hand Qualifier
  • A low hand is any five cards lower than an 8. Remember in Omaha both your whole cards half to play. Straights and flushes do not qualify for a low hand so A-2-3-4-5 is both a straight and the best low hand so it is possible to be able to win both the high and the low part of the pot.

  • Making a Hand with Your Cards
  • As stated earlier, you must use both of your pocket cards to form a winning poker hand with any three cards from the community cards. You are free to use any combination of two cards from your pocket cards for the low and the high hand. You can use one or two of your pocket cards for both the high and the low hand, or you may use two cards for the high hand and the other two cards for the low hand.

    Seven Card Stud

    In seven card stud, you get seven cards, total. Three of them total are dealt face down, for you to see only and four are dealt face up, so that all players can see them. As with all the other poker games, you make the best hand with only five cards.

    Seven card stud is played with antes and all players must ante before the dealing starts. Once the anted have been posted you are dealt three cards, 2 down (Pocket cards) and one up for all to see. The betting begins by the player with the lowest card making a force bet call a "bring in" that is either a small bet or half of a small bet. The rest of the players have a choice to call the bet or raise it.

    The fourth, fifth and sixth street are all dealt by giving one card face up and a betting round proceeding each card. Seventh street, or the river, is dealt face down to all players followed by a round of betting. Once concluded, all players left show there best five card poker hand and the highest hand wins.

    Seven Card Hi/Low

    This is played exactly like 7 card stud both the highest and the lowest hand split the pot. Low hand qualifies just like above in Omaha Hi/Low.

    Five Card Draw

    In five card draw all five cards are dealt down with no community cards. A starting pot is created by two players placing blinds.

    Each player is then dealt five cards. After this a round of betting occurs. Each player that does not fold now gets a chance to draw no new cards up to five new cards. After which the final round of betting commences and the player with the highest hand between all that remain wins the pot.
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